Kroos still dismayed that Casemiro left the team suddenly

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Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos admits he was surprised to see team-mate Casemiro join Manchester United this summer.

Casemiro was rarely linked with Manchester United. But the move came abruptly after Real Madrid failed to turn down a massive £70m offer from the Premier League ufabet club.

“I’m quite surprised by Casemiro’s departure.” “It is true that the rumors only started two days before. But there are always many rumors here. and many times nothing happened.” “But when he told me. I was really sad.

Because I have good memories with him for many years and the things we won together,” Kroos said of Casemiro.For the 2022-23 season, Kroos has more coordination. With France midfielder Eduardo Camavinka and Aurelien Chouameni, in place of Casemiro’s departure.

Casemiro, who join this summer. It was ease in with a few appearances from the bench. He has quickly shown how influential he is at United, though.

His experience shows in his passing and his defensive capabilities. The Brazilian also cropped up with a crucial late equaliser against Chelsea in a 1-1 draw in October.

“But when he told me I was sad, because I began to remember all the years with him and the things we win together.”

Revealing his true feelings on the move. He indicates the move was very much money motivate.